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Making an impact on people is very important especially when you work individually on a particular motive. Logo Design Flux understands your values and what you want to put forward on your portfolio. With more than 15 years of experience as the most reliable portfolio website design agency in NYC, we create websites that reflect the clients’ perspective and showcase their service in a unique way. Our portfolio website comes with appealing designs that are not only easy on the eyes but also very functional and future-friendly.

Create An Impact With The Best Personal Portfolio Web Design Agency In New York

When it comes to portfolios it is important that it showcases the work, skills, and services that the client wants to portray. Multiple aspects need to be considered in order to create a website that perfectly does everything. This is why Logo Design Flux has formulated specific procedures to cultivate the best results every single time.

When talking about a portfolio website, an eye-catching interface is not enough for people to avail your services. The main mission is to generate leads which is why we embed the latest features to make the website worth a while.

  • Proper redirection to profiles on other platforms
  • Easy session scheduling
  • Packages details
  • Easy Connectivity


Chris Pyeatt enjoys inquiring about others and hearing about their experiences. His curiosity is piqued by the fact that everyone he meets has a tale to tell. Johns Hopkins University awarded him an M.A. in Corporate Communication, where he concentrated on Social Media Marketing and Strategy. His mission is to speed up the process by which individuals are found by corporations and put to work doing meaningful work. His expertise is in providing career guidance and executive coaching to individuals.


We kicked out this undertaking with a well-planned approach that concentrated on the three key facets of design, content, and development from the very beginning. Following the gathering of the first set of criteria, the Fluxers thought about several design approaches that would improve Chris’s usability while also showing information in an appropriate manner. The content strategy provides a strong basis for the design strategy since it is directly tied to the website’s consistency and includes interactive aspects to attract new visitors. In other words, the content strategy is a solid foundation for the design strategy.



Chris Pyeatt needed a database-driven, user-friendly website. It was important for this project to have a modern website design that reflected who they are as a company that offers a wide variety of services to its clientele. Given that Chris’s overarching mission was service provision, how information was presented was of the utmost importance. If you want more sales and more people to visit your website, you need to emphasize the most important features. The website also needed a modern redesign to include updated communication channels and basic forms of interaction. The main challenge was creating an organized method of tale distribution that still provided a pleasant reading experience.



In the form of a completed work. The latest version was implemented. The newly designed website successfully highlighted all the key features and material. This website has a sleek, modern design, and it uses the proper colors. The website’s design is lively, consistent, and intuitive.


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We combine tactical thinking with technological know-how and unmatched creativity. For creating complete digital answers

How much does a Portfolio website cost?

If your website has a lot of bells and whistles, it may cost more to build since more time and effort will need to be put into it. Moreover, the cost of developing a brand-new website is far higher than that of a redesign or rebuild.

What types of Portfolio websites can LDF create?

Professional programmers and designers at LDF can make portfolios of any size, scope, and complexity, for anybody from a single individual to a multinational corporation. Every website we manage prioritizes providing a clear and unique presentation of the work and services offered.

Does LDF have experience in making a portfolio website?

Logo Design Flux has created tons of portfolio websites within the past 15 years we have catered to artists, authors, publishers, companies, and enterprises. All of our prior work can be easily seen in our portfolio section.

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We combine tactical thinking with technological know-how and unmatched creativity. For creating complete digital answers


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