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To put an end to Sickle Cell injustice and to discover a solution, the Global Sickle Cell Alliance (GLOSCA) has brought together individuals from all around the world, together with agencies, organizations, health groups, and corporations. The primary goal of GLOSCA is to promote best clinical practices and research programs in order to facilitate collaborative efforts, notion exchange, and active alliances on a global scale, as well as to increase access to up-to-date information, empower individuals and advocacy groups, and leverage voices to end global injustice.

All throughout the world, people with sickle cell disease face inequalities in healthcare that GLOSCA is working to change. GLOSCA enhances sickle cell disease sufferers’ lives through increasing communication and teamwork. Through a global alliance, they want to improve medical and social assistance for people with sickle cell disease (pending an acceptable cure).


We started this project by creating a cohesive strategic plan for all the main aspects, the design, content, and development. Once the initial requirements were organized, the fluxers started brainstorming design ideas that supported the practicality of the organization and portrayed information properly. The design strategy is strongly backed up by content strategy as they correspond to the cohesiveness of the website. The other issue was fundraising management and integrations which were to be settled within the development phase with an iterative feedback approach.



Glosca required a total revamp of their already existing website, their current website lacked clarity and required a modern-day design that spoke for them as a professional organization working for the welfare of people. Since the organization mainly focused on spreading awareness and helping people against sickle cell disease, the portrayal of information was the key aspect, but due to the confusing design that was being compromised. The inability of the website to highlight the key features of the organization was also leading to other problems such as low fundraising and less traffic on the web. In addition to that, the website required a refresh system for easy communication with booking and payment integrations. The main challenge was to make GLOCSA an accessible website that tells its story cohesively.



As a final product. The new and improved version of GLOSCA was established. This new website successfully highlighted all the information and key features. The current GLOSCA website has a modern and chic design with vibrant colors. The website is cohesive and has a smooth flow that is easy to understand and interactive. The system has all PayPal integration for payments and fundraising and forms integration for contact and accessibility.


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Why should you choose LDF for your NGO website design project?

With more than a decade of experience, it is safe to say Logo Design Flux (LDF) knows its way around creating websites for non-profit organizations. LDF offers high-quality, SEO-optimized websites with reliable integrations has a deep understanding of the motivations and goals of non-profits and aims to help them increase traffic and fundraising abilities through their website design services.

How does LDF guarantee the best NGO website end product?

LDF is widely recognized as a leader in the field due to its groundbreaking ideas and original approaches. We always work to improve the website’s structure so that it yields the desired outcomes for the customer. As an added bonus, Logo Design Flux offers affordable pricing and convenient bundles. Another positive with LDF is that we can customize practically every element of the service to your needs.

How does LDF improve upon the already established NGO website, and what are those improvements?

Important factors to take into account are the customer’s requirements as well as their pricing point. In the majority of situations, if it is a new website design, we get started by providing the bare minimum of the functionality that the customer has asked for before going on to any more improvements. On the other hand, if it’s a redesign or revamp project, many bespoke elements like integrations are added as per requirement.

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We combine tactical thinking with technological know-how and unmatched creativity. For creating complete digital answers


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