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Through digitalization social welfare has been easier than ever. Reaching people and spreading awareness just requires a solid base website, this is where Logo Design Flux can assist you. With experience of fifteen years, LDF has catered to multiple non-profit organizations and helped them build their digital community in days. As an experienced community service web design agency in NYC, we understand your requirements and provide custom-made websites that are search engine optimized and have secure integrations. We are experts in both brand-new designs and revamps. Our Fluxers can revamp your website with the latest web design and development making them both visually appealing and functional, ideal for building an audience and capital.

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Logo Design Flux believes that every idea calls for a one-of-a-kind strategy for its development and execution, we have made the art of customization one of its primary focuses. Whatever it is, it’s achievable with just a bit of flux.

Our Fluxers are able to assist you in finding the best combination for your project, whether it be a large corporation, an organization, or a startup brand, and they can even do it on your behalf. We provide the best community service website design in new York by catering to all the needs of both development and maintenance for the easy suitability of your business. Among the features that we provide:

  • Several payments interface
  • Interactive forums, Optimized Design layouts t
  • Proper encapsulation of content,
  • Trustworthy integration


SomcomTN is a nonprofit organization that connects Somali families in Middle Tennessee to educational resources, as well as emotional and physical assistance, with the goals of increasing possibilities, remaining healthy, and fostering a sense of community. It has the goal of establishing a cohesive Somali community in Middle Tennessee that is comprised of healthy families, flourishing young people, and strong women.


We devised a detailed plan for the project’s three key components from the start: design, content, and development. When the fundamental requirements were met, the Fluxers went to work developing designs that enhanced the system’s usefulness while properly representing the data. Design strategy is strongly supported by content strategy since they both add to the coherence of the site. The second issue was determining how to manage contributions and integrate them into the product iteratively as part of the development process.



SomcomTN needed a new website since their old one was confusing and didn’t reflect their credibility as a professional group concerned with improving people’s lives. Since the organization’s primary goal was to educate the public and aid those in need, the clarity of the information being presented was crucial. Problems like low donations and poor website traffic might be traced back to the site’s failure to promote the organization’s strengths. Getting SomcomTN to be a user-friendly platform that presents its narrative in a logical manner was the biggest hurdle.



Substantially as an end result. The groundwork for SomcomTN 2.0 has been laid. All the important data and features were effectively emphasized on the new website. The current SomcomTN site is sleek and stylish, with a professional color palette. The website is well-organized and simple to navigate, making it a pleasure to use. All necessary forms for communication and access are included right in the system.


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We combine tactical thinking with technological know-how and unmatched creativity. For creating complete digital answers

Why should you choose LDF as your to-go community service web design agency?

As a company, Logo Design Flux (LDF) has been in the non-profit web design industry for over ten years. To aid philanthropic organizations in attracting more visitors and securing more financial support, LDF creates websites that are both professional in appearance and well-optimized for search engines.

How does LDF complement the client’s mission in the long run?

LDF always gets the job done thanks to its cutting-edge strategies and approaches. To better serve our customers, we are always thinking of new ways to improve the site’s framework. Give affordable, doable bundles. Almost every facet of LDF’s service can be modified to better fit your website’s mission.

Can LDF refurnish an already existing website? 

Revamping is another service that LDF provides. If the customer desires, we can make changes to the website while retaining its current functionality. Many unique touches, such as new integrations, are added to revamping projects on an individual basis.

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We combine tactical thinking with technological know-how and unmatched creativity. For creating complete digital answers


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