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LDF’s proficiency in web design, graphics design, and digital marketing makes it the most successful mining website design agency in NYC. We create custom websites that are not only efficient but also simple to use. We collaborate with a pool of very skilled web designers and developers, all of whom can assist you in building a website that will look great on any screen. LDF provides one-on-one care for its patrons. Our team will work with you to develop a site that meets your business’s unique needs, drawing on our many years of experience in the field.

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Gaining clients can be hard in the competitive mining industry, this is where cognitive and latest features can help you gain your first orders. The latest features can also help you gain a loyal clientele within the initial stage of your global business. Therefore, as the most robust mining web design agency in New York, LDF not only assists you to stand in the global digital race but also helps to gain leads in the long term with a cohesive easy-to-use website.

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DTO INDUSTRIES NIGERIA LTD is a wholly-owned Nigerian company that has its headquarters in Nigeria as well as a branch office in Dubai. We produce nonferrous metals out of our manufacturing units in Nigeria, which is located in West Africa. Our goods adhere to all of the international production standards and business standards, and we follow all of the international manufacturing procedures.


Our fluxer started the project through a systematic process of re-categorizing the content for a proper portrayal of information. The website is supposed to be engaging with a commercial yet refreshing vibe. The schema of the website is chic and elegant with the proper division for easy-to-understand graphics and user flow. This website is catered to provide a proper channel for communication through contact pages.



The company came to us to expand its horizons and enhance its clientele to multiple enterprises and businesses. The main focus of the website was to showcase DTO as a leading trading service provider and provide a secure form of communication channel for new clients. The challenge here was to do justice to the overall image of DTO through proper information sharing and service showcase while making sure that the website attracts clientele and persuades them to connect to the DTO personnel.



In the end, we managed to create a website that is interactive while maintaining a mood that is both commercial and contemporary. The layout of the website is elegant and smart, with meaningful divisions that make the website’s aesthetics and navigation easy to comprehend. There are contact pages available for providing accessibility by making communication easier for people.


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What are your plans to keep my industrial mining website from falling lower in the search engine ranks and losing more visitors?

The volume of organic search traffic to a site has to be taken into account before any major changes are made. If search engines aren’t a major source of your site’s traffic, you may not mind if this occurs. Having said that, your team’s website design efforts should include SEO tactics from the get-go if that is the case.

Would you be starting from a blank slate or using a template for my website?

Using a template may save development expenses, but it will also come with some limitations. There’s also the possibility that the layout of many other sites is quite similar to yours. Custom website design may be too expensive for some companies, but the extra flexibility it gives its designers is well worth the price.

Is there going to be one person I can talk to about my project, or will there be a few?

Do you think it’s important that everyone you talk to understands who you are, where you are in the procedure, and why you’ve been in touch with them before? If you have a designated project manager, you won’t have to keep repeating this information to everyone you communicate with.

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We combine tactical thinking with technological know-how and unmatched creativity. For creating complete digital answers


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