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In the year 2022, Steven Harvey and Ross Dillon laid the foundation for PSR Properties. PSR Properties is a real estate company that specializes in furnished short- and intermediate-term rentals. It is situated in Northern New Jersey, close to New York City. Apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and single-family homes similar to these are ideal for individuals, couples, and families with young children. You’ll always feel at peace at PSR Properties’ homes, whether you’re there for a little weekend getaway or a few weeks on business since they are really your homes away from home.



PSR believes in innovation whether it’s for their business or their website, PSR came to us to get a website that compliments their vision and provides ease of use for the clientele. With the current flow of business, PSR required a website that could create a solid base for their initial stages of digital presence. Their primary concern was the proper showcase of information and highlighting of their main features. The company wanted new customers and an appealing brand profile.



The Fluxers prioritized search engine optimization (SEO) to raise the company’s visibility in search results, which in turn increases the likelihood that prospective consumers would discover the website while looking for items and services relevant to those offered by the business. The modern website design was selected because it allows consumers to communicate with the firm and each other in many ways (such as via social network integration, customer reviews, or a blog), which in turn increases engagement and loyalty. This has the potential to boost client retention rates and loyalty.



The final website has SEO as a top priority, which increased the firm’s visibility in search results and, in turn, the possibility that potential customers would stumble into the website while searching for products or services similar to those supplied by the company. The selection of a contemporary layout for the site was based on the belief that more channels of communication between the company and its customers (through, for example, social media integration, customer evaluations, or a blog) would lead to more customer engagement and loyalty


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We combine tactical thinking with technological know-how and unmatched creativity. For creating complete digital answers


We combine tactical thinking with technological know-how and unmatched creativity. For creating complete digital answers

How will I be able to monitor the development of the website?

Each website that we design comes with its own unique posting area. This is the location where we will put the website for you to see at any time and where you can track its development.

Do I truly need a website even if the one I have is a little bit old? Does it really matter if it’s been there for a while?

When prospective consumer views your website, the look of the website design will be the first thing that they use to form an opinion about the quality of the services or goods that you provide. You can ask yourself this question: would you rather buy from a company that has a website that appears to be out of date and unloved, or a company that has a website that is modern and attractive? Keeping your website up to date and modern is important because it serves as the front door to your online storefront.

Are you able to construct internet stores as well as individualized online solutions and applications?

We have years of expertise in establishing online e-commerce stores and entire website solutions that are customized to order, so if you need an intranet for your business, we are the firm to call. Or a software programmer for managing relationships with customers? We are able to assist you in any way that you desire.


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