Privacy Policy

Logo Design Flux is sensitive and mindful to maintain your online privacy. As the best design and development company offering and providing high-end services, we make sure that we provide you a broad spectrum user experience that encompasses superior services and greater privacy so that none of your personal information is mishandled.

We have built a rigorous and highly effective security system so that all of your information is secured and there are minimal to no chances of data theft or loss.. As a visiting customer, you can use most of our services but to avail premium services and access to exclusive content, you will have to sign up to be a premium member.

How Does Logo Design Flux Collect And Utilize Your Personal Information?

In order to work on your project, come up with befitting designs, and proceed with the whole process, we collect information like your name, business name, slogan, business address and bank details, all of which is saved in our highly secure system. with our pledge to your privacy security, we make sure that none of your information leaked or shared with any third parties, without your knowledge and permission.

How Does Logo Design Flux Protect Your Personal And Financial Data?

All the personal and financial data provided by you to Logo Design Flux is encrypted and encoded through secure server software, SSL, even before the information reaches us and is maintained keeping in lieu the compliance as per PCIDSS. Upon reaching the company’s server, SSL decodes the data and converts it into understandable material. The system is built to discourage hackers from hacking and taking advantage of the sensitive data that our clients submit and entrusts us with. Our high-tech security system saves and protects all of your essential information as we try our best to use it and expose it to third parties only in the ways that are approved by you.

How Does Logo Design Flux Use “Cookies”?

Logo Design Flux will use cookies to monitor your activity for sole business and promotional purposes and since you agree to work with us, you agree to provide crucial and necessary financial and other details to let our payment gateway access the system and process payment.

What Data Does Logo Design Flux Let The Third Party Has Access To?

Logo Design Flux may use third party cookies for multiple purposes, but without compromising on your security, to store information on your system’s hard drive. While most of the browsers accept the cookies automatically, you can modify and change security settings to make it more personalized. Even if you do not allow third parties cookies to stay in your system, you can still have full and uninterrupted access to Logo Design Flux website’s features and services.

How Do We Obtain Consent And Permissions?

As you use Logo Design Flux’s website, you automatically give us the permission to record and monitor the information and activity of the pages that are given access to you. the reason is solely corporate and for the purpose of obtaining statistics to be used in our official and business reports.

In case you are under the legal age of 18 years, you must not provide any of your personal information like name, address, emails, social media accounts without the consent and supervision of your guardian or a responsible citizen of at least 18 years.

Any changes in the laws and policies will be updated on this page, hence, it is advised that you stay informed by regularly visiting the page for any newly posted information.

Having Any Questions?

Logo Design Flux encourages communication and welcomes your concerns in case you are having any questions regarding our services, policies or procedures through which we work. Please contact on to send your questions and queries.