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At logo design flux, we understand that your online appearance is your brand identity, thus our software solutions are designed to help you build and maintain that identity to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Our Fluxers engage in heavy-duty work to build exceptional online experiences.

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Services for Launch

Nowadays launching your business online has become a piece of cake. With agencies like ours you always have a helping hand, and a path that leads to a durable online presence by getting rapid help through our reliable software solutions service in New York. We’re here to brainstorm new strategies that can help you achieve your company objectives.

  • Niche-specific Technology Advice
  • Analyze the competitive landscape
  • UX/UI investigation
  • Mapping a business plan designing a website, and designing and implementing the niche-specific solution.

Development and Optimization Services

Have you been stuck in the same income stream for several months? Logo design flux is known to be the best software solutions company that can help you reorganize your business strategy to boost consumer interaction, increase sales, expand your business, and dominate the industry.

  • Optimization of Conversions
  • Strategies for fostering loyalty
  • Loophole investigation
  • UX assessment and redesign.
  • Redesigning the User Interface

Services for Migration

Are you having issues with the current platform? It usually occurs when a company has to out space the platform’s functionality. It’s time to use our migration services to choose the best e-commerce platform.

  • Creating a solution
  • Technology advice
  • Estimate of total ownership costs
  • Changes to the UX/UI
  • Data transfer
  • Data migration for SEO

Services for Omnichannel Retail

If you are the type of consumer who enjoys a challenge, an omnichannel e-commerce website is for you. Creating various sales channels on a website, as well as having a strong workforce that handles your back-office work and bot-assisted customer assistance, all fall under this category of e-commerce services.

  • Creating a sales channel strategy
  • Creating a navigation solution
  • Automating the back office
  • Developing business workflows
  • Launch of Omnichannel Retail

Make the platform more powerful

Do you prefer to adorn your hat with fresh feathers? Then you should think about Plugin and Extension Development. Add plugins and extensions to your e-commerce framework to boost its capability through our custom software solutions in New York.

  • Recognizing the Plugin or Extension.
  • Developing a development strategy.
  • Custom Chrome Extension Creation.
  • Custom Plugin Development for a Variety of Platforms.


Case Studies

We combine tactical thinking with technological know-how and unmatched creativity. For creating complete digital answers

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We combine tactical thinking with technological know-how and unmatched creativity. For creating complete digital answers

How long does it take to build software?

As an experienced software solutions company, we can’t give an exact answer because there are projects that take 2 to 3 weeks to complete, but there are other jobs that take months to accomplish. To give you an accurate answer, we must first evaluate the project’s complexity and task scope. We can give you an anticipated time period based on this information.

How do you ensure product quality?

We operate in a short iteration mode and test the work results on a frequent basis, taking into consideration all customer preferences and the reaction of the target audience. This method enables us to supply high-quality items to our clients while meeting deadlines. Our major emphasis is quality.

How does the project work process function?

Each project is unique and necessitates a tailored strategy, although the majority of the development stages are applicable to all of them. However, the method of implementation may change slightly. We propose that you visit our website to learn more about our work methods.

How do you maintain privacy? Who owns the software you develop for me?

We will sign a non-closure agreement (NDA) with you to secure the total confidentiality and privacy of your bespoke app development project. Furthermore, all LDF personnel are bound by NDA agreements, providing an extra level of secrecy.


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