Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions regarding the usage of Logo Design Flux services:

It is advised that you read the following terms and conditions and understand themcarefully as the detailshere will form a binding relationship between you, as a Client, and Logo Design Flux, as a service provider. If the client acknowledges this proposal, it means that you understand and accept these Terms of Use and Logo Design Flux agrees to allow you to use the material provided by us and claim its legal ownership after the respective project is complete and the payment is completed in full. Until the payment is finalized and made in full, the company reserves the right to keep the content and material created by it, according to the Copyright Laws of the United States of America (Title 17 U.S.C., et seq., and the Digital Copyright Act).

1. Logo Design Flux’s Project Delivery Policy

  • All the communication will take place through online, internet or telephonic medium.
  • Once the order is placed, a confirmation email will be sent to the email that you filled in while placing the order, within one business day. The project will be confirmed and started only after the receipt is dispatched to you and confirmation is received by the company.
  • Logo Design Flux will deliver the first samples and design drafts within 24 to 48 hours only after it has received detailed project details from you.
  • Delivery dates and duration of the project revisions will be followed as per the following time chart:
    • a) Logo –24 –48 business hours
    • b) Website Design –24–48 businesshours
    • c) Website Development –48 –72 businesshours
    • d) Corporate Stationery –24 –48 business hours

2. Logo Design Flux’s Revision Policy And Delivery

Logo Design Flux will deliver multiple revisions based on the policy of the company regarding the project and package you have chosen while unlimited revisions are applicable on our Choice Ultima and Choice Premiere Design Packages and custom packages.

  • All communication will take place through email and other internet mediums.
  • All the revisions will be submitted through the designated account manager’s email and each cycle of revision will contain additional designs or suggestions, based on the nature of project. This additional design suggestions are to help our clients get what they want in the fraction of time and to move the process forward in less time. Revisions having major changes will be treated in the same way as minor changes.
  • If you, the Client, chooses other logo design than the one specifically designed for you then you will have to pay for it before moving further with the process. In case of additional logo design selection, you will be required to pay additional and accordingly charges for them.
  • Each cycle of revision will take approximately 2 to 3 business days to complete and the duration completely depends on the nature and complexity of the project.

3. Final Deliveries

  • After the completion of the initial or final project; logo, website, stationery, the file will be dispatched to you as acompressed ZIP format and you will need WinZip to access the files. The files will be available at your personal Client Centre, created separately and exclusively for every client. In case you could not get the file or could not access it through the staging process, the entire Kit will be emailed to you on the email provided at the time of commencement of the project. The client could submit the request within 20 days from the date of delivery. In case the client makes the request after 20 days, the request will be considered null and void and the process will have to be initiated all over again.
  • Logo Design Flux is not liable to be responsible for any of your corporate damages as we assume and believe that by agreeing to work with us you are aware of any possible delays. However, we do our best to deliver on time and do not delay without any significant reasons.
  • While Logo Design Flux takes and assumes full responsibility of the delivered project i.e. we are responsible of providing you flawless work that fulfils all of your project requirements as communicated and decided with us, it is not liable or responsible of your system’s compatibility with the provided work nor for your own level of technological knowledge. Once the files are delivered and are according to the requirements provided to us, we bear no responsibility of how you use it.
  • In case of website designand development project, Logo Design Flux’s team will take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to transfer the website from the staging server to the live server and only after complete and written approval from the client will we proceed with the process.

4. Lifetime Design Backup And Storage Facility

  •  Logo Design Flux owns full rights to keep a record of your finalized design package in its database, in case you require them in future. If, by any means, you require the copy of your final design kit, you can contact us any time.

Note: Charges will be applied to send the files and will be discussed with you at the time you make the request.

  • Projects exceeding 06 months in the queue will be marked dormant and will be resumed for a fee.

5. Additional Work: Animated Character And Illustration

When ordering logo design services, pleasebe informed that logo designis beyond the scope of cartoon and animated characters, illustrations and other additional work that is outside the work and capacity of logo design. Since,cartoon characters and illustrations do not work well with logo, we recommend that you do not insist on adding them into the design, however, if you still want us to incorporate it into the design, we will be happy to comply but, be aware that it would be on your sole and entire discretion and we will not be responsible if it does not work with your other corporate design. In case of asking for additional work that is outside the range of logo design, Logo Design Flux will offer a price listof other graphics and designservices.

6. Logo Design Flux’s Refund Policy And Guarantee

Though Logo Design Flux is pledged to provide you befitting and relevant corporate designs we are aware that there is still a possibility that you do not like the designs. In case you are not satisfied with the provided work, you have the right toask for a refund within 7 days of the delivered work. The refund will be made in full, excluding the services and processing charges. All the refunds will be made within 1 to 2 weeks. The request for refund will be invalid in following circumstances:

  •  If you do not contact us for more than 7 days since the designs were dispatched.
  •  If, initially, you had approved any of the sample designs from the mock-ups we created for you.
  •  If the designs were initially approved and you had requested for more than single revisions on them. The rule applies on the entire package that you had chosen.
  •  If, after some time of working with us, you decide to discontinue your business operations, change business name or services.
  •  If the project has been discontinued due to, any reasons not related to Logo Design Flux but your own issues.

Please be reminded that once you have asked for a revision on any of the designs; logo, website, brochures, flyers,banners,stationery, you are not eligible for a refund. Instead, we assure that we will do our best to satisfy you with UNLIMITED AND FREE REVISIONS, till you are fully satisfied and happy. Likewise, once the designs are accepted and we receive your written approval, you will no longer be entitled to ask for any refunds.

7. Trademarks And Copyright Issues

Logo Design Flux is not responsible to perform any research on your company’s name for copyright issues and infringement. As a company, it is your responsibility to research your company’s name, images, slogan and trademark to make sure that none of them are clashing with any other company and creating any identity rift. If, in case, your company lands into any legal actions, Logo Design Flux will not be responsible for it and will we not take any part in the damages.

8. Ownership And Copyrights

Ownership and copyrights of the final artwork will be the sole and entire property of the Client and you, as a Client, reserve all the rights to use it in any way possible, after the entire payment has been made and cleared. However, Logo Design Flux reserves the right to add the work in its portfolio and display it on its website. All the mock-ups, design concepts and proposals, primary design files and other material that has not been selected by the client are the sole property of Logo Design Flux and are not included in final project delivery.
In case the client fails to comply by the policies made by Logo Design Flux or fails to clear the payment according to the approved date and schedule and without any prior notice or explanation, all the designs, whether logo, website or any other corporate stationery design, will remain as the company’s property and the client will not exercise any further rights on them.


  • Logo Design Flux is a brand owned by SQUAREQOM. All payments made to Logo Design Flux will be infavor of SQUAREQOM.
  • The charge on the card by merchant will appear under the name of SQUAREQOM.

If the customer wants to discontinue recurring service, a one month’s fee shall be charged as a penalty.

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